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Category: Alternative Health
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by independz
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July 18, 2018 07:31 PM PDT

read about a fellow who use the spooky and the huge negative impact --the capacity to be coherent and able to read--RFB had a guy who worked with the FB AI--and the capicatance to understand your thoughts a predicabiility program--the fellow made the comment you would have to make a hard break--any sales person could get on the internet and sound so professional and no substance and no substantiation--CIA buying whole foods --due to the darpa nasa and cia always experiments on the general population--they are harvesting the dna ---the networks today can put people out there and have nothing but fantasy---water --was just used to clean and refresh--now they are perpetating a water loaded with poisonous metals--and the fellow was saying he as feeling more senstive to freq due to the loading with metals--remedy for saharan desert dust-- 2018 people still believing in the myth of organics and he amazement f the concept--we are being so attacked of the genetic codes--and the reasons for the genetics in the foods was to alter dna --and the freq and ipads etc that can emitting a freq or transmission--to alter dna --New link--rna -ai -integration-- suppositions about the protocols of zion and georgia guide stone on the population --whay would they have people when machines can do anything we can--so why would there be a need for people--future of cpu o/s going to be using dna that can do 50,000 functrions a second....More

July 15, 2018 02:13 PM PDT

the why's-activist getting active and make an impact in a real substantial way--byebyebluesky.com was assaulted make contact let them site know you are making contact--reasons for the attack or assaulted is because of the truth and data that is substantial-the awareness of what has to be done to get credible data and the behind the scenes assaults they have to deal with--from auto assault to tech assaults--matrix where they are in a scenerio where they were the most valauble and the morphing of the program--the voice to head manipulating them and they not remember--happens with all of us getting hot with freq altering our brain functions--hatchery from the rain when you see the changes dramatic from the weather and when it strikes it covers then they heat up the air and these things get released-and then the differing multi effects targetting the dna
bucket upgrade and formulation

July 11, 2018 10:30 AM PDT

AI world in a fractal spiralling down
and the more we embrace tech the more we are dependent --brain direct interface with tech
nano terminology and the integration of this nano with our dna over a period of time--why would they install corrupt integrate this kind of material in persons body--dna technology integrating into the body how is it turned on how does it happen--history of how this came to be-the enemy is within-accurate the trojan horse inside of all of us the 3 ways of disarming us--so our ability to stay fortified against this afflctions--now we infiltration and popenetration
TI fighting the assimilation --impacts of what TI's feel--and some ideas you can deal with this

July 10, 2018 01:22 AM PDT

interesting proposal--question-what if your respective gov't---Ozzies need a revolt-what if the gov't fined you for exercising your rights of freedom of choice in regard to your child to say no to vaccines-- Oz is already dealing with this NOW...North America needs to be awake-Australia to bankrupt parents who do not vaccinate-Sanctioning Parents by taking Money out of there Accounts---the Gov't is cash Grabbing --and this is an Extortion--- Australia is testing ground --should remove the MP's who passed this legislation--Under the Queen your children are owned under the crown---the unrealistic legalities---this is Pharma is going to be able to use human test subjects for the new drugs or chemical actions--if Vaccines really worked there there would be no need to fear if a child who does not vaccines and if specific pathogens are on the rise would be due to the release by the military industrial complex all being orhestrated to make on think there is an epidemic--the Ozzie gov't appears to be discriminatory towards the poor and anti vaxxer 's
The Gov't is worried about less then 2 % of people who are not willing to vaccine there kids...-- MORE

July 06, 2018 08:02 PM PDT

emails saying they are happy and grateful and offering hope--and how no one in there circles are blind --but there time is coming and three affliction is certainty is going to be a reality--years ago everyone thought I was out there ---now these days they are seeing it--being in astate of panic--not a daily thing you are getting hit with synthetic biology -freq-chemtrails-genetics mutagenetics epigenetics --being out there and with others who have seen this who are advanced--assisting each other to get through it
and when it happens these shows are hopefully to inspire you hope and not for you to be afraid --do not think the medical people are going to assist you if you think this then you are delusional and they will think you need to be medicated---you are on your own for your personal health--unless you are of affluence and wealth you are not going to be considered-due to the breakdown of networks these things are happening--since 2004 insects infection have increase--how and why does this happen-what is causing these mutations and how does this occur?--
UAV and More

July 03, 2018 08:41 AM PDT

reject of a interview over c 60
the infighting over the c -60 which is a legit
--stock up on supplements due to this fiasco over this and the new regs will come in to strip you more of access-california is regulating c-60 and the lethality over this--some affects one person called having issues with the head after using c -60-AI possession---example of activity in current time --AI initiates access through data mining your head and access different part of you brain and it will engage a scenerio in your head as well- imagery appearing in the brain and you respond to that imagery through a act emotional or over reactive ---this reaction is indication of access and take over and the more you respond to the imagery the more it has a hold ad takes over--microcrystaline cellulose and how it works--vegan response about food being a alive --and the fallacy of the vegan ideas of what " Live food is"--
---wordcrafting is a way of manipulating facts and make something sound good but it is really a disaster

June 27, 2018 01:39 PM PDT

new link augmeentinforce.com new c-60 link in the directory of content--penatagran in the c 60 everyone of them --it is a pentagon ---lucifer and venus-- it appears you are swallowing something demonic or so it appears-demonic symbolism in all the c-60--new link on the YT interview--sex and the implications of it--new Bill board in Sask from byebyebluesky--people in depression are mourning due to what is happening to the earth and the planet--got a call from Ukraine and was complaining about depression--TI are being hit with targetted weapons and are having multi effects and impacts--voice to head --this tech is being globally activated--environment we are in and the tech weapons being assaulted on the general population---the link to the c-60
the other side of the coin-- the ethics and moral guidelines existed 40 years ago do not exist today --word crafters who use the words to hypnotize the gullible and ignorant---the experiment begins-and the activation and dysfunction

June 27, 2018 12:54 PM PDT

3 links in char right away --interview on the youtube--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwccMzNJgLE&t=8858s

we talked about everything from life faith nano and AI and a host of other things--some language is salt of the earth --good for TI and other people being assaulted with the tech--hopefully inspire others to advance--all have been violated and conflicted---people who are awake are like minded are gathering--woman comment and what I define as a woman--women who get involved and awake and active and striving to find answers and co operate with men as well--mainstream thinking chaotic --antagonistic activity is the system--mega a file preliminary on info on carbon c 60 is now legislating c 60--people who challenge the c -60 in the past they removed there comments are they hiding something--NASA marketing is on full on--100 dead chickens found on simcoe rd dead--and no explanation and no investigation--oddity that nothing was actually checked out on this magnitude---

June 19, 2018 08:35 PM PDT

accessing vids on the freq having effect s and what you can do --c 60 and side effects--marketing in the health food industry--lithium in the atmosphere- NASA validating lithium in the atmosphere--and a New release from NASA c -60-a freq expert makes mention --c 60 embeds in brain and terrahertz bands accesses c 60 --test it by getting hit with a terrhertz and have a heart attack then you know you have c 60-deactivating ones capacity to rationalize makes one susceptible to a program --:c-60 contains nano materials--talks about the terrhertz band and it's effect on c 60--caller--damaged and to repair brain from a solvent or essential oils-clove usage always should be in some kind of carrier--difference between raw milk and unpasteurized --one from a tit and one boxed and pasteurized big difference-the requlations that maybe coming as a result of c 60 damage will minimize some of the access--- more

June 17, 2018 03:12 PM PDT

NASA feeling threatened by me and NASA feeling threatened over there C 60--shungite- and one of the ways to apply and redirect the freq--in conjunction with oolite deadens magnetic fields--being prepared for the end times or tough t.imes--blue beam access with the lights -Tv cpu ipad - cell phones---LI FI--signals transfer from lights--
everything being designed to monitor a gerbil in his own cage--why do we need to so heavily monitored ---protection and see what happens on a second floor
access and hits of the tech and the cellular damage-do not allow yourself to be the experiment in the concept of God service--corrupting to the core creation and more

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