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Category: Alternative Health
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by independz
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October 20, 2017 06:51 PM PDT

-What to do for hypothyroidism? It’s occurring mostly in North America and some northern European countries. Radiation exposure, insufficient iodine. Tony recommends Lugol’s iodine. Research shows we need 13 mg. iodine/day. Take 10 drops 3 times a day of 5% Lugol’s in water. Also tyrosine and selenium for severe cases. T4 and T3 tests aren’t good tests of thyroid function.

-If Lugol’s doesn’t clear up infections, add copper chloride. Tony explains how to make it.

-Patent from last century on using copper and nicotinic acid to clear up brain function .

-Arginine, choline, and salt as a liposome, applied for hair growth. Improves circulation. Also provides nitric oxide and works topically as a Viagra substitute. Add copper and zinc and alcohol to clear up infections.

-Dangers of 5G, especially on nano poisoned people.

-Military has trained artificial intelligence to kill. Drones operating without control from the government.

-How to sanitize lesions by rubbing on zinc and copper.

-The benefits of added salt and the 4 acids. Chlorides will increase hydrochloric acid production.

-Navigating the fiction from the reality of what foods are and aren’t good for you.

-If you have low thyroid – pony up the iodine.

-Joyce has problems with the bottom of her feet cramping. Take 100 mg. Vitamin B1 and 1 gram sulfur (1/5 tsp) 5 times a day. Eliminate pasta, bread, rice, corn, cereal, synthetic sweeteners. Problem is glycation of proteins.

-George asks about his combination of magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, and ascorbic acid to produce ionic Mg Ca ascorbate. Is this a good way of taking minerals or is mg glycinate better? Gluconates are worse form of minerals, chelates are next worse. Add acid and salt to penetrate tissue and cells, respectively....More

October 14, 2017 11:44 PM PDT

if you cannot see what is obvious and are oblivious to what is ---nice knowing you ---if you cannot figure out at this juncture what is and will not face then you will be wiped---or will be bringing on your head---we all die eventually stand before our maker and respond how stupid we acted-- since we own nothing and and the fact on how canada and usa can take your funds if the banks become insolvent---bit coin could be a snare and a set up to load up and then cause a crash and suck you out===bartering or just keeping it at home maybe a better deal
develope assets that are substantial and are barterable--genetic code is worth millions---the past from the 60's to current the genome alterations through vaccines---the history of the undoing of mankind--crisp-r now being used to program of the plants regenerating our genetic code--more

October 14, 2017 11:17 PM PDT

current events happening---people are coming to the thinking process on what is going on-the level intensity of nano synthetic bio epigenetics and transgenetics -flouride and mercury etc---speculation about the elite ready to leave for mars--elon musk building a rocket called BFR---satellite increase and tech and rockets -a possible outlet off australia---the seed vaults --3 of them maybe being tranported off world--planting seeds on the planet would cause contamination -- 5g going to be the wake up call of wake ups--the breaking down of the weak--if you can access avengers age of Ultron--highlights of AI and what they have showed --AI running the planet and man is no longer in charge-alot is said that indicates what is going on and a Super sldier is going to save the AI which will be hilarious joke a comic book fiction and the AI will be able to deal with them with out any issue
AI chemtrailing possibility--AI assimilates another AI tech---future wars perhaps where the one absorbs the data of the other --an alien Ai over taking the planetary AI ---showing AI upgrading without human intervention...more

October 07, 2017 08:44 PM PDT

Only way to know something for sure is by testing-research is half the equation the other half is to actually test to see if it is valid--ways to test is either by use or allowing others to utilize and get feed back but reading is one thing but actually doing is another ---never trust a doctor in the health food industry unless they have been validated that they are actually utilizing things to increase healing not just a reputations---going on the wold side---new up loads on augmentinforce.com and look at the sept-oct- 2017 resolutions from all kinds of health issues and things to prepare to defend or to offset health damaging causes-----

October 07, 2017 08:30 PM PDT

the devolving of human evolution and how the fall of science and where we were- Daniels interpreting the kings dream god at top signifying the most advancement human achievement ever and here we are talking clay and iron a melding of tech and biology and the lowest level of scientific achievement and the over rating of this science and the demonic levels of science and the manipulations of the balances of creation being altered the mis guided trust to believe the scientific community has any positive intent has never lived up to this and the lack of success of the medical establishment abyssmal record of success in curing --zero tagetted individuals and the aspects of access to the dna through transgenics and nano altering the access to the human genome- need to understand the need to neutralize this tech --the development of 5 g is going to show more mutations and damage to dna and genetics--any access point to your dna will cause a tranformation --developing the resources now not later as a result of what this is going to lead to--build your ark today not after the fact or you may get swept up in the freq---there is no going back a forward movement and a autonomy to be prepared and to be able to thrive not just survive-technology was more advanced in the future ad we are in a fractal dwindling in a spiral and heading into entropy ---timeline is off and it may have started after WW2 more

September 30, 2017 08:17 PM PDT

Were still here under God's Grace.. this is a testament to those who are awake--inspite the evils across the board from pedofile to govt corruption and the foods and violations --the error of making a 55 gallon bucket and the dangers of a drum ---better way is the triangle and how it can be utilized-safer and less riske-use a horse trough ---soon a vid is coming to make a chamber and get pulsed and make an emf--or shielding ---te issues with shielding would neeed to know the freq in order to block the freq with the depth of layering - 5 g is is the thing to protect against to know---when 5 g hits it is going to trigger what is in them and the fleeing to the hospitals and will further expedite nano poisoning---Assigment for the week find patents on how to shield against rf s-emfs- elfs -frequencies --how to stop an emp ---this is how to build the ark--take the example of noah and build the ark--understand the nature of these freq and how they can impact and what to do --More

September 30, 2017 07:53 PM PDT

NANO bacteria and how it effects and affects of a strain and how it works exactly like nanotech--light resistant -radiation resisitant- integrates with the host dna and re program DNA and how this bacteria is in us to calcify and to extinguish-different things like calcium stones -arthritis etc- and accelerate aging-and then How is this being spread---Vaccines-the end of procreation-the termination of the blood lines --the world being so deviant as to create health issues on purpose through vaccines-Statistics ---Inaccuracies--vaccines being utilized to promote nanobacterium --nanobiology nano biology and nano interface --earth bound bacterium is now airborne- dysfunctional immune systen through dna damage will be defenseless against this kind of infection---more

September 23, 2017 09:55 PM PDT

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXngGQTYtCs byebyebluesky interview with 2 guys who knows some stuff--- Jean Bryan Pelletier --FB Susan Mossman -FB byebyebluesky.com http://bryanp396.wixsite.com/ augmentinforce.com enjoy Tony

September 23, 2017 09:02 PM PDT

Activist and the lack of people being actively active-showing how as a collective can make a change and move mountains-- the 1 lb idea spread across the planet can bring on solutions-supporting the activist even financially or how to assist the activist in spreading or sharing and how people has interacted with me in there research as well--involvement for others interaction--and how it can lead me to other windows and sites---we are on our own and the need to figure this out is all up to us and 5 g and it's consequences-search the effect of how much nano you're actually being exposed to--this will impact everyone...
answering questions as well interacting with the chatroom --more

September 23, 2017 08:49 PM PDT

cpu screwed up initially and then got it going-intro-announcement on interviewing bryan 396 and myself--located it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXngGQTYtCs&t=544s
the trial and efforts we went through the research --and bryan 396 had a jump on it and seen and compared the lesions appearing and the nano research and then he seen a vid i did made contact with me got me to look at this and here we are with what you are getting --medical field is antiquated to a point it has absolutely no idea of the pathologies and there integration with the pathologies---robots on a nano scale can assemble on a billionth of a level--smaller then an atom and assemble this ona molecular level---the sales pitch on how this going to improve life for humanity--the biggest theme on how to deliver the drugs more effectively---define what health really means--good health does not require a tether--that ties you down to anything--medically there idea is to deliver a drug more effectively..the reality if this tech and how it will influence your body's operating system-in 6 decades I have been existing and ordeal on the planet and time served and my observation nothing has benefitted humans with out some consequence...and more

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