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Category: Alternative Health
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by independz
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April 17, 2018 05:14 PM PDT

theme on current and keep everything in the know --difficult these days due to the levels of activity ---the new pedo films on hilary and her side kick and the result of the police who seen the atrocities needed assistance
to deal with the traumatic impact--reason why this being exposed is to get families to intitiate the fear to get the implants-a chipping--the boogey man is waiting to take your kids out --smoke an mirror--the isolating us with distraction in the interim mankind's dominance--laws are impossible to keep--insert a chip or programming--keeping you legalistic--through integration and programming with carbon nanotubes-propagation of the chips due to exposure of this activity and these will drive people to think irrationally and do something on impetiousness--being the checks and balance to the system --or dna and. genetics came from our creator--and the violation of the genetics through altered genes and nano-..exposure to pathologies which are integrated with synthetics--and the impact on us and the new wave if infiltrators

April 12, 2018 11:06 PM PDT

thinking about who and what is behind all of this and nano and DNA being the most assaulted and targetted--and the compromises that are dealing with DNA--the different paradym of today's assaults--I am anti BS--my BS meter is broken-no matter how toxic something is it is always seems to be accepted --targetting genetics--makes you wonder who really wins--does the health care win? if you do not use the insurance then where is the money going to and this is how it is profitable--media owned by a minority of people on the planet--the elder statesman making statement---europeans forced to come to NA and built the continent and now are being discrimination--the assault against you just because of your decendency you are being targetted as well as other ethnics--why would we allow a tech to be exposed in our environment and consumable products and has never been tested and the goof ball guru's who propagated the health factors and where there is no merit- where does this stem from--where is the institutions that are supposed to be protecting us--are they also part of this associations??...more

April 10, 2018 06:31 PM PDT

the green show events --the amount of people that attended our booths-- the magnifyier --500 X and the reactions of people on the fibres they seen coming out of them in there hands--the fantasy of being a degree'd
the fuel efficiency and the lack of exhaust--expressing to someone which was trying to chemically explain away the so called carbon --when it was chemical--geo diasic structured--how we had to take a break and walk away it was so immense--indicating the awakening is more then most think--native issues on reserves--when approaching people conversion will come when people hear the-- truth and act on it --direct and let them seek--sometimes the people may respond negatively due to the program they are on.. TI response and how I responded...more

April 09, 2018 07:25 PM PDT

we did the green show so if you hear this i was late putting it up--calls from TI-from everywhere--People of all races and positions call me with there saying they are targetting and it is globally--5G is already running
and canada is not going to be any acception-frequency activation and remote neural monitoring-another venue of info because all are being targetted----acute paint --frequency and activations--asking people do you hear that--and if not then you are being targetted- it is beginning at a young age targetting children to be bullying or to be bullied--in adult life you are looking for peace and quite and all you get is chaos----hearing about a surrendering--have an attitude of fire in you and if you are going to go take them with with you--you have no out or option--you have to do or die--so DO!! ther eis no making a deals no compromise no pacification once you surrender you are there's- if you hear your voices stand your ground--recognize this is going to be bigger and have a one on one with God--- form a network with each other and exchange and form a force--when you are being told you are crazy so there is a point of being silient so talk you may not know who will be awoken..
personal experience ...more

April 03, 2018 09:59 PM PDT

just podding the ME was malfunctioning --It is Here this weekend the green show at the Toronto convention centre--TI from all over the planet making comment and contacting me--defining what is a TI-guinea pigs being experimented on with voice to head tech -lily wave--everyone is a targetted today at different levels-when it falls to you there will be no running or escaping-- it is global -and you have to make your place a safe place-TI needs to get together and form a community and come up with a solution -- do not lean on any guru of the day all they will do is sell useless or substances that will integrate new programs--AI integration--an extention of an AI
the nature of carbon and graphene--the voice of God and the sabotage of that voice- and if you do hear the Voice of God it better have something substantial like a burning bush like Moses

March 30, 2018 12:21 AM PDT

european contacts and here disadvantage with what they are having access to when it comes supplements and solutions
brain disorders tied to silica ---Silica in the food supply with the accumalative poison due to the mix in the foods
just about all the products in silica are nano--all of them -assisting a child to remove detoxing metals
-no breads of any kind - no omega 3's due to the contamination and oxidation of the fish and flax oils---gluten was never an issue til it was genetically engineered--adding glyphosate and silica to the grains --bread is the weapon against the planet since it is consumed by everyone everywhere
children chelation and the modifying this for kids
needing minerals in a electrolyte mix - clean electrolytes-- B complex B1 -Niacinamide -folic acid B12 -choline and inositol---copper utilize chlorophyll
mix in a fermented dairy---soybased do not mix with dairy base foods--use of sodium edta before bed---ancient method of infecting and dealing wit infectios-- More

March 27, 2018 05:47 PM PDT

a bit of a pause before the intro --pleasant surprise with 3 hearts ministry--did a sermon and was using me as a theme---I believe in a living God and Jesus--not a religious person or believe in the masonics pretending to be ministers-- the Minister is lit up and she researched the YT channel and she gave a warning about language --was going to write her back and tell her I was speaking canadian --it will be uplifting --and tells it like it is--AI bots may actually hunt down believers and people who believe in God-negating AI bots other "peripherals" willl be only stopped with programming termination--they may have a self repairing and self replicating tech --ergo artificial life--synthetic biology--form a block chain for those who are awake and alert-5g is going to activate and more effectively disengage genetic Code-the corrupting of God's DNA in us--Violation of the genetic code that reflects God is being over written-Jesus Salvation is real but will you will be here when he does come back---
More--being caught up in mythology--

March 22, 2018 06:51 PM PDT

intro cause ---why --because
going back to the shows previous about as to why we are all ill ---the farse of the guru's selling nano causing more dna damage
reason why somethings that don't work or will not work because the system is lacking in order for some things to work --adaptogens that can fortify you against am attack on dna---things we can grow on our own to increase protection of dna---rhodiola--- rosemary big gun for protectionn apiginen --luteolin research in regard DNA ---anti estrogenic---methods of extraction-- drop dosage when you cook down --making them more potent and giving you more autonomy---you can add to your cooking to reduce the estrogens and if adding zinc can increase the T and reduce the E and in this case fortifying ---women can use the same thing to regulate the estrogenic chemicals or xeno estrogens that women are exposed to ---Anti-estrogen remedies from teas to foods --cooking down -means reduction in volume and increased concentration

March 21, 2018 12:38 AM PDT

Recovery and how we have to deal with that today --what we are exposed to and what we are being exposed to while we are trying to heal-historical differences that was not impacting in the past that is now-the difference--being salt of the earth in this show---health food historically was ethical and reliable and were effective---how the health food industry works--how things are marketed based on vanity and some hype--and how today the products are made to be neutralizing the actual nutrient--Vinegar as an examples how this was switched-lack of exposure of genetic damage and the lack of validity in todays times--purification products are the way to go--Acids required by the body----nobody's looking at the aspect of nanobio in what is being used--contacts being made by more people

March 15, 2018 11:21 PM PDT

fictional ideas on health over time and the lack of the full exposure of what is and why these ideas or studies are limited ---the false concepts and dangers over emphasized
FDA undermining supplements that actually work and bringing up falsities and the doctors that have over loaded the health industries recanting pout dated information which does nothing and will not say anything due to the fact that everyone has been programmed by the status quo
disarming of peoples health --integrate nano and other things that have compromised your system ability to function and the genetics of the dna corruption
the lack of information on actually dealing with the cause and not the symptoms--the corruption of facts of what is real and the bottom line of money and not your health--

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