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Category: Alternative Health
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by independz
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August 20, 2017 05:27 PM PDT

intro and the upgrade on the augmentinforce -to the catalog link---have an attitude today toward what is coming with the new and modified afflictions-and the level of of toxics and the 5 g activation will augment and you are going to feel like shit--the freq or voices will tell you that you cannot win it is pointless --you need to recognize that this is not from you and have the attitude if I am going to go I am going to take you with me and the freq will reside and the program will be surprise--have testicular fortitude both genders and come up with a solutions and game plan-- with out to resolve this will lose your backside--God brought Bryan and myself together and he was advanced with the Nano myself with the bio and we cooperated together despite our backgrounds and as a result you got solutions and we both have been sharing this info Freely without any requirement---more

August 20, 2017 04:23 PM PDT

music --- anomalies of the day AI -nano tech -transgenics epigenetics-nano in food supply -Anti human activity-genetics -dna -chromosome- mitochondra through manipulations-wake up is either you do and are or your dead--things are not coming they are here--5g -must see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRhISwY42nQ&feature=youtu.be
bioengineering NANO another must see

even the bacteria on the planet is being violated the nano pollutants within the 60's and then later intro to the food chain-from the 60 initiation and after a decade there came out health and immune system break down as a result of a combination of effects--all grains no exceptions was taken out...more

August 14, 2017 08:24 PM PDT

-Suggestions for a person having trouble digesting fats. What are you eating with the fat? Take 1 tsp. white vinegar and water with fat and half hour later. Take lecithin, Vitamin B5, carnitine, lipase. Is the fat rancid before you even bought it – such as flax, fish oils? Good fats are omega 6 and saturated fats. Lard, tallow, butter, coconut oil, lanolin, non-counterfeit olive oil. When eating cheese, take a multi-action enzyme.

-Nannette wants to encourage her hair growth. Onion juice on scalp, diluted with water. Apply, let sit, than rinse. Gelatin or collagen, MSM, NAC, iodine.

-Our genetic codes have been corrupted. Seeing trans-genetic changes. Guys are wiggling and jiggling when they walk and girls are more muscular.

-Ceola wants a remedy for glaucoma. Sulfur, taurine, copper, zinc, enzymes. Get off sugar – is the result of sugar damage in the eyes.

-Peter asks about kidney stones – the cause and the cure? Are a calcium deposit. Avoid canned soups. Take citric acid 4-5 times a day in water, sunflower lecithin. Watch out for oxalates. Don’t consume store-bought milk. Can eat full-fat plain yogurt and kefir.

-Ross asks if he can make his own liquid chlorophyll using green plants from his garden?

-Nebulizing supplements vs. taking orally?

-Ernst wants a good protein for around $30. Make sure it’s clean – avoid excipients. Red Mills makes a whey, also an egg protein.

-Ivan wants a good source for the minerals to use to make Tony’s products. Tony buys gold leaf that is 23.75 caret. Silver squares from a coin shop -999 silver. 999 Copper. Minerals should be at micron level, not nano.

-Nancy has a sore throat and coughing after taking a trip to Denver. How to heal quickly? Nebulize copper, iodine, up sulfur, up copper, juice an onion, selenium. The body needs copper and zinc, not silver. Copper is a better biocidal than silver.

-What dose of creatine for a 200 lb male doing strength training? Loading phase is a waste of time and energy. 1 tsp. before and after workout. Don’t add to grapefuit juice. Will need a sugar such as glycerin.

-Lew asks about mesoglycan for blood vessel support. It’s a nano. Tony uses enzymes, ascorbic acid, and bioflavanoids.

-In absence of grains, how to get energy when playing hockey? Electrolytes before and after are good.

-How to help droppy lower eyelids that no longer catch the tear flow? Taurine, zinc, copper, add Vitamin B1. Stare at a light through a pinhole for 5 minutes to encourage crying and eye cleansing.

-Cricket asks what to do for a rattlesnake bite? Up enzymes – take every 15-30 minutes. Up Vitamin C. Salt pack with turpentine around the bite. Go get checked.

-Nano CBD oil – a problem? Marketing hocus pocus.

August 14, 2017 07:40 PM PDT

-Impact of differences in national currencies on Tony’s pricing.

-Problem of excipients in supplements. Why you should make your own.

-Spit test for candida albicans. It’s mostly biofilm. What you see in the spit is bacteria not yeast.

-To treat candida, must eliminate grains, bread and pasta; eat high fat. Use copper with sulfate or vinegar, also other methods. Saponins helpful. Don’t use nano silver. Caprylic acid of dubious help.

-It’s not the same candida as old. Yeast has become modified in the body due to genetic manipulation.

-5G will be going into the brain. Consider getting a shielding device.

-Atom applauds Tony for recognizing 99% of ALL supplements are nano-polluted, either as the active nano-product itself or delivered in a nano-polymer, nano-film, nano-layer, and/or nano-dispersion, or both. Nano is NOT an emerging technology, it emerged more than a decade ago while we weren’t looking.

-Mark asks about a soak for someone exposed to mold. Soak with copper sulfate, vinegar and water. Can add a little boron.

-Mark asks about 3 newer moles on his wife’s face. Apply clarified iodine for moles. Adding ascorbic acid to iodine makes it crystal clear (i.e. clarified). Moles have a high concentration of fluorine under them and more stuff under that.

-Pepsi, Coca-Cola, sodas have a high concentration of citric acid in them, along with phosphoric acid. Allows silicon dioxide to penetrate skeletal system and weaken it.

August 12, 2017 09:56 PM PDT

making comments if you order from me to support leave a note in the letter or envelopes so i can best get the order complete---the volume of people I deal with --will make it easier who I deal with --remember I am not just talking to you-- link from ireland the gals were building the triangle-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4l_8nYettI&feature=youtu.be

the list of vids on the flash is one as google does it so there is a full line--

nano particulates that are programmable and not just a metal or composites making them an anomaly that is normally found naturally --the hijacking with marketing the nanotech to treat the body and how it works but what is not being said is how it comes out~ the assumption is you are going to shit piss sweat it out buttt nothing there to indicate how to get it out of the body
a woman uses a product with a protein mix with the nano silver who used this for 30 days and wound up with argyria -silver poisoning~ the illusion of the health food industry being ethical and moral has been lost and the negative effect of of the excipients and there neutralizing impact on the supplements
the need to become independent to make your own products and more

August 06, 2017 10:11 AM PDT

there was a lag due to the skype was not up--10 years doing the shows with ME -AI and and NANOTECH --TV land is about the illusion of life and not real -AI running the planet and how many are aware of it's control on the planet~ the AI is upgrading it self- Artifical intelligence willkill us by Jay Tuck-genetics transgenics epigentics nanobiology synthethic life and its connection to the AI --how many have made the connection to transgenics and trannsgender--it's effects on life in all sections- see people who are affected by the genetics irregardless of gender or transgender~less then one percent of the population with people who are endocrine damage and transgender yet 99% of the attention is on this minority to make you think by the media and it's manipulation --the same effect is going on in the health food industry with alot of the marketing being utilize to sell products that have no base in facts - there is a doctor proclaiming that because they are scientist that everyone should listen to them and parents are just parents and if they do not listen then thy should lose there children yet nothing has been cured or repaired since the 50s and the damage that vaccines actually do-Diet is is key provided the food supply is not contaminated or poisoned ..irregardless of life style of food choices--more

August 05, 2017 02:58 PM PDT

NANObiology --being that AI is running things--could it be actually the thing fumigating us and causing these health issues~ nano integration throughout the decades~ Organics --the hideous Joke that has everyone cozy and comfortable-is it justified~ what to do if you are going to eat things that is loaded with nano~ the freq activation~ AI gone rogue and no one knows how to read the program it actually writes for itself--YouTube Vid is a Must SEE-AI is going to kill us by Jay Tuck- if your the type to stick your head up your ass to avoid the truth then do not watch but the rest --you will know how to defend what offends ..solutions..and much more

July 29, 2017 10:00 PM PDT

started off with a site from wisconsin -- http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40710051--about millenials being targeted to become chipped and incorporated into the AI construct and how they targetted this particular group of people and as well targetting again a millenial group about diapers and how they have micro chip in the diaper transmitting and the selling of the " convienance " usage and not the impact of what is doing to the child with there endocrine intestines stomach pancreas liver kidneys etc-- https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dry-me-diaper-saturation-sensor#/
integrating people with synthetic life and being part of it's program--tech takes you over once chipped you are not going to be autonomous as you think you will no longer be the centre of the universe you will be more like satellite orbitting the main-- programmed people will not be able to think on there own ---the 50's generation have ben seeing the demise of what was and now the new and improved system will be run by the AI--will be smart enough to push a button the machine will be taking over- elon musk and his view on the future--and more

July 22, 2017 09:04 PM PDT

Thoughts--are they yours and are you in control of those thoughts of various modes- tinnitus is it real or is it a deception-possibly nothing wrong with your hearing but hearing antennae arrays or tower arrays - back in the 60s the antennaes went up for am and fm and people then were getting the same thing then after the antennae arrays went up- every decade there were changes with tech health issues either followed or fabricated to cover up what is going on- securing home with copper or lead ... more

July 22, 2017 08:43 PM PDT

there is a delay but the show does come on -- New Links on augmentinforce.com --nanotransformation-- and may and june shows--one bit of data in the nanotransformation is research on DE or nanosilca that has never been actually tested and was just given a gras rating ~ and when it was being tested for livestock -they stopped it and what the did find was genetic damage - cellular noncommunication and sht down and attacks the bones causing severe autoimmune response ~ alot of the end results came about 10 years later with all kinds of autoimmune -fibro-restless leg- cancer
to draw this out will rquire a strong binder or chelator~ it can translocate due to the nano scale--there is absolutely no way it can be broken down in yourself--the only way to break it down is with silic acids --which you do not produce and if you took it could burn a hole in you-phosphoric acid- when you see how it access the cells and forms networks- YOUtube Patrick Roddie validating what is being said on nano an the impact carbon nanotubes=- it is a global activity--and more

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