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Category: Alternative Health
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by independz
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April 22, 2017 09:51 PM PDT

re iterating the green show- some things was talked about at the green show -glutamine and the B12 connection- and the reson behind the reasons some of the deficiencies have occurred and dysfunctions as a results of experimentation on humanity~ the new experiment going to be done in the state of Az-saturation levels as a result of 50 years of being saturated makes these integrated toxins now part of our genome and this is what you are stripping~ the political BS of not calling each other male and female~ vulnerability to woman~ cadmium to males-the weaponizing the atmosphere~ the new soy-pea protein does the same damage endocrinally- strontium displacing the calcium ~ the fallacy of computer models based on inadeqaute amount of information and then adding more chemicals so that MIT can experiment at the expense of the people in that area and possibly environmental across the continent

April 18, 2017 11:45 PM PDT

Show Highlights:
-Nanotechnology is going in and reprogramming the DNA of whatever it gets into. Is the primary cause of other things going wrong. Is embedded in carbon and assimilates in the body.
-Nanotech was introduced in 1970s; we opened a Pandora’s box. Never tested for its impacts. We need to grow food under cover to keep chemtrails from polluting the food, eat root vegetables.
-Morgellon’s Disease is nano poisoning. The filaments are a biofilm created by the body to encase the nanotech material.
-Misdiagnosis of Morgellon’s Disease as Lyme Disease. How to make an antinano bucket at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVyfRVq_SC0
-Juice any berry, put juice in blender with 1 tb oil for 1 minute. Let oil and juice separate in frig. Pull the oil out – the nano is trapped in that oil. Consume juice.
-Vegetables – broad leafy veges are completely loaded with shiny stuff, which is nanos.
-Overcoming nano poisoning with sulfur, TSP epsom salts. Aluminum is highly toxic to women, is a metallo-estrogen. Exposure to materials 1-50 nanometers gets through everything. Causes estrogen problems.
-For men, high cadmium, titanium dioxide, and silver in chemtrails gets to the testicles.
-Colloidal silver is mostly nano particles. Danger is the charge nanos put out and the area they can cover.
-For multiple sclerosis, take wheat germ oil, taurine, cartilage of animal products. No grain, bread cereal, soy, pasta, canola oil, omega 3s. Omega 3s cause high level oxidative damage. Benefit from octacosanol in wheat germ.
-Could sodium thiosulfate help a shoulder tendinitis?
-Fish oil is rancid, oxidized, loaded with cadmium, has lead, mercury. Molasses is sludge.
-Use egg yolk or sunflower lecithin, not soy lecithin. Silica added to lecithin is nano, beware.
-MIT wants to launch a balloon over Tucson which releases sulfur, ammonia, and calcium carbonate to discern the chemistry in the atmosphere. With chemtrail use, we don’t know what is in the atmosphere anymore. But what is the impact of releasing more chemicals?
-Products put in market without sufficient testing. Testing of single elements only, such as sulfur, but not what it combines with. Don’t accept blaming humanity for today’s problems; we are not at fault. It’s the industrial giants. We are not using technology that prevents pollutants.
-Listener has abnormal gurgling sounds in abdomen. Thinks he has fluid leaking from abdominal cavity, nothing shows on MRI. What is he eating?
-Grains have a lot of nanos embedded in them. Success stories from people who have given up grains.
T-ony is a big fan of Dr. Stephanie Seneff.
-Sulfur is key to clearing out nanos.
-Clear age spots with DMSO. Dilute DMSO to 1-5% solution if using above the neck. 3 ounces of water to 1 tsp DMSO is slightly less than 5%.
-Food has changed since 1970. Everything gets covered with stuff in chemtrails. Looking at a banana with an ocular microscope. Silver on the outside peel and inside. Need animal fat to clear from the body.
-Tony tried Dr. Mark Sircus’ recommendation of 300-900 mg. iodine daily; he felt solid with it. If heart palpitations, take magnesium and/or selenium.
-Strontium displaces calcium in the bones. Thorium in chemtrails wipes out iodine. Women need 2x as much iodine as men because of estrogen. Tony likes copper better than silver to wipe out the bad guys.
-11 year old boy raised on soy formula now has manboobs. Has been grain free. Take anti-estrogenic foods such as parsley, iodine. Give androgenic foods of ginger, galangal, onion, garlic, pine pollen. Luteolin or apigenine to clean receptor sites, use a liposomal form with sunflower lecithin. Clean th

April 15, 2017 08:55 PM PDT

genotoxicity-fibrogenesis ( fibre growth) mitochondria damage and how to repair~ cellular damage and ATP loss and how to get back the scoop and BS being sold as health when there is nothing healthy about the materials- Doctors selling stuff using factoids and the excipients utilize neutralize what you are consuming-the myth about cruciferious veggies~ the huge myth about the standards of the USDA as an organic standard-if you need a copy of the show will send just email independz@yahoo.com

April 15, 2017 05:58 PM PDT

Toronto Green Show and events-to access photos go to gagcanada.com for Bernadette Greene or go to byebyebluesky.com at Susan Maher they have photos of events and you can see the crew of us Lorraine-Activist being Active -Greq a entrepreneur who was directing people to us ~ Jennifer a ND who gave her time to assist and Bernadette -Susan -and Myself who were all having our input and sharing with people~ we had good chemistry and everyone was bouncing off of everyone with there info~ we had people literally standing there for hours listening and wanting information~ everyone was passing out posters DVD's and other data to inform people on all fronts from nano sprays -nano in foods and genetic alterations occurring as a result of an UNtested technolgy that has been released into the open market

April 14, 2017 05:29 PM PDT

-Nanotechnology is not going away. Tony elaborates on the issue and talks about self assembling micro-chips being found in people’s bodies including his own
-Why do the youth today look so distorted?
-Tony was unaware of the CIA data drop by WikiLeaks
-How metals implanted in the body including dental metals and plates and pins create biofilms.
-Why exposure to aluminum does more harm to women
-Why are so many people acidic these days?
-Patrick wonders if when you get burned, if you let out a huge scream to release the energy, can you lesson the damage to the skin?
-What is black goo?
-The wisdom of Jesus
-The frequencies of the music today vs. the frequencies from 50 years ago
-The #1 killer on the planet is the atmosphere
-Dealing with an infected tooth
-Harold Klause from Germany healed his assistant from Morgellons. Does Tony of of him and this?
-Ideas for dealing with eye floaters
-How long does Lugol’s iodine keep for?
-What are Tony’s thoughts on red light therapy, and the benefits that might see from doing it a few days a week?
-Last time Tony mentioned using halogen bulbs to stimulate vitamin D. Does that work through clothing? How many minutes per day

April 01, 2017 09:14 PM PDT

Green show April 7- 9 with activist in Toronto ~ byebyebluesky.com and gagcanada.com~ and a Guy who knows some stuff--Being Still Here!! Thinking in terms of the Fact we are here is because of God and or Creator and how we are built inspite the fact of all the BS we are facing in regard the dilemma
--We Shall not be Moved- little Light of Mine- Spirit- knowing there are Solutions and got to look for it ~ and Never Allow anyone to tell you you are not Qualified~ look at What the "Qualified " have gotten us~ Medical Field has Done Nothing and says they can do Nothing~ Faith and Fear the same thing just on different side of the Coin~ Life and it Really sucks but we have each other~ the Poor solves the issues ~ the rich and certified ~ solve nothing and certifications are nothing but a symbol of the fact that you have been hooped to a program~ Gurus and Preachers on TV Nothing to them they look good and impressionable but Hollow~ Christ had this issue and called the Sadducees they were pretty on the outside tombstones~ some one into Idolization or idol worship and being directed to the LIVING GOD!!--How to think about what is healthy and what is in the environment and what is in the Food~ Apple juice and what is in it after it Dried~ Fullerene Networks-Not What you Anymore but what is in what you Eat--Know how to negate and neutralize what is in what you eat

March 25, 2017 08:37 PM PDT

Nano patterning it self as functioning like our bodies -knowing how to either avoid or negate or repair the exposure to the nano-understanding the nature of our ability to recover and now it seems like a never ending battle on getting back on your feet--and the reason you cannot rebound due to the saturation in the environment-How 50 year olds and that the vaccines they are perpetrating does not work- immune system is adequate and the shots have no impact and all they are doing is loading nano and genetics--freq and music ---seekers -gospel medley-on the youtube-for the Godly thinkers---this is something that can uplift and there renditions are potent and full of conviction-- there method and presentation is amazing- sometimes we need something that is going to uplift and renew-Doctors BS and how you never get the truth and sometimes you have to hear what is needed not fluff--looking at things with a perspective to solve not resolve to quit

March 18, 2017 08:11 PM PDT

silica and the issue with genetic damage ~ NANO works in reverse that cause damage the smaller the more lethal- decades of uptake and translocation and how the foods have been polluted in the food supply how many auto immune dysfunctions have occurred as a result of these exposures ~ what if nanocontamination transferring into the placenta could it be a causal effect to the genetic damage to babies in autism or other disruptions genetically~ what is happening to the sperm what about the egg what is in them nano wise if it can translocate into the placenta what about our genetic core~ what is happening to the babies forming in the womb with nano exposure ?? things to make you think

March 18, 2017 07:33 PM PDT

sabotage in the health food industry...say it is not so!! nano silver being called colloidal~ aluminum titanium in your caps and silicon dioxide --nano and the wonderful components and there impact
3 new links on augmentinforce.com
endocrine system compromise of cadmium and to remove this with iodine ( lugols) and selenium~ there is something even more estrogenically dangerious then cadmium -n-butyltin -STS Sodium EDTA Sunflower and Egg Lecithin~pectin and charcoal to remove the nano ~ will assist ~ the reloading of the nano embedded in the crop where it is sprayed and the silver not even in a high level of exposure causes intrecellar level--

March 18, 2017 07:17 PM PDT

Is breast cancer really a cancer or.... when seeing illustration of breast cancer in the lymph looks more like a contained nano rather then cancer~ the saturation of the lymph as a result of the high density and congestion in the reproductive organs~ testicular compromise with nano silver and nano titanium and nano cadmium - 5.7 decades of nano exposure and 4.7 decades of being fed these particulates would be the causal effect of the health issues today due to accumalation and saturation and translocation~ chemtrail carrying aluminum cadmium titanium lithium and barium all estrogenic and genetically damaging~ cadmium can take 10- 30 years to clear the system-Phosphate materials being sprayed and can transport more of the cadmium into the farms- NANO Products were never tested ~ released and as a result the after effect of testing for toxicity --chromium and cadmium can activate estrogen receptor sites- Genetic Compromise from nano metals

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