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Category: Alternative Health
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by independz
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November 13, 2017 05:39 PM PST

Why the colon gets gummed up and exactly what to do about it
Get the whole story on using Trisodium Phosphate
The magic of Colostrum and Sulfur for healing the gut
Why Copper can be very good for some and ways to balance with zinc
5 G is coming Nationwide...here’s a way to protect
Sophia is the next best greatest thing in Artificial Intelligence
Recipe using copper and vinegar for easy healing of mold
The why’s and how’s of using Iodine for protection from all sorts of environmental pollutants
Turpentine and Vicks for healing the lungs as well as special formula to take internally
Using Epsom salts and where to purchase clean product and great price
A few ideas on privatizing your web surfing and purchases and banking
Listener asks about the challenges of a Vegetarian Diet
The stacking of meds in the body and chemicals in the soil
Specific instructions on how to make a liposomal product out of everything
Tony instructs Patrick on an easy way to use his potent rosemary plant for all sorts of things
What is Tony’s favorite kind of electrolytes?
Listener asks if copper water bottles are a good and beneficial thing to use----

November 11, 2017 09:12 PM PST

had to re record the show because the show got targetted so this is a re recording--going from the first half of the show-military coming out of service suffering from PSTD and the reason for the manic depression and anxiety --will be due to the vaccinations they recieved and the contaminants and biologics and nano-- contact Terry Wilson for the event in Merrit BC--
Skin infections and the merry go round that the reports and what is really happening --Nanopoisoning and the mis titled Morgellons --being hit with the skin issues and the air is the number one cause of health issues -and could be the cause of the impacts of your health--the anomalies that can occur --more

November 11, 2017 08:33 PM PST

got hijacked doing the show setting were changed while I was doing the show---times then and now---ignorance still is outrages with regards to what is current and are still thinking in old terms--nano bots nano anteneas-sensor in foods-issues which are caused just by breatheing from endocrine disorders to skeletal foundations--organics the myth of today's marketing and what is the fools errand to find this illusion--wild life would use these foods because of what is going on in there environments---more

November 04, 2017 11:24 PM PDT

nano poisoning manifestations and what to expect ..have a defiant stand to resist-fight til you find an answer-getting through this will be well to be with others and work together ---protecting your dna --activation or deactivation can be triggered---no omega 3--saturated fats and 5 and some 9 ---minerals are going to be required chloride is going to be a biggy--- the system and what it does and causing people to relinquish there health- western way of committing hari kari---the walt disney world of fantasy and unreality

November 04, 2017 11:12 PM PDT

rocky start and then we got it on- people walked in with nano poisoning and were unglued---people from the 50s seeing unusual anomalies with health
not jus this group but people of all ages and groups ---directed result of nanoinfections from chemtrails---vaccines also deliverying payloads-manipulating people to a point of panic and the drive to a mmedical to further expose them to nano and other things --the demise of mankind --mankind becoming part of the human race and the assimilation---mark of the beast are for beast being labeled --you are now not a man but an integration to a herd and beast have no rights---more

October 28, 2017 10:27 PM PDT

are you human --are you are person--what do these actually mean--beast monster--and beast and monsters have no rights---the false hood of removing our true identity--we don't listen to the truth but entertainers called science --and then the question who does the studies --with the broad claim on science --when there is no substance to anything--being of substance and then asking the question why are not things working as they are supposed to--the falsehood of lyme seeking medical or a practitioner and the prognosis and then a chemical and it does not work or further dysfunction then call it a day
the reality is a 10-15 days will or should see an initiating or rebooting -adequate materials with adequate dose will still take time unless there is a God effect --your going to go through the process

October 28, 2017 10:09 PM PDT

Depressed---started with a question--how many were feeling depression last week? how many understood why they were feeling this depression and being over whelmed and suicidal--feeling a sense of hopelessness-or know some one in your networks who you know may have had this--ever think the reason for the depression could be coming from a cell tower or cell phone or other transmitters--examine causal reasons for the sensing or felling of depression--not the normal routines ---most will say no reason---butttt towers freq -or dumping materials from the sky causing this---aluminum and lithium and other materials---women are more susceptible to the aluminum poisoning--hear things in your head about you can't win a exercise in futility--a defeatist pulsing of freq--CDC has stated no study of 5 G and just implementation and profit and one person making a statement of the danger of the tech were removed--the reaching of a sense of hoplessness ---more

October 21, 2017 09:38 PM PDT

Spirit of cooperation --work with people who are awake ---people who are not will have no clue on what you are talking about or dealing with--squash having weird fibres and tomatoes --nano polluting your food--learn an alternative method to access your foods -- human= beast --Mark of the beast is a tagging for beast and anyone who is human---meaning you will be integrated with an AI--elon musk wants you to wear a band and this will cause a direct interface with AI which means you lose all sense of You and now are an extention of AI and will be over run with AI programming because beast need to be reprogrammed

October 21, 2017 09:06 PM PDT

the impact of every thing and how we can be overwhelmed-- due to all the things we are being assaulted with-
freq -genetics-epigentics-transgenetic-AI who is running the planet-nanobiology -synthetic biology
--creating a singularity and due to the singularity it can be taken out once it has been accessed--nano poisoning is difficult to remove due to the way it integrates and alters the DNA--human means Beast---the mark of the beast = a mark that is given to beast

October 20, 2017 07:30 PM PDT

John asks about a folliculitis cure. He probably really has nano poisoning.

-What can be added to a lubricant to kill STDS? Mix liquifed selenium, copper chloride, and zinc and rub in topically, apply as a suppository, or take orally. Lubricant instead of silicone? Use olive or coconut oil.

-What is human? The word means beast, and a beast has no rights. Better terminology is to say man, mankind, or woman. Does “Mark of the Beast” mean humans will be controlled by microchips?

-California has a hepatitis A epidemic. They want to vaccinate everyone for it.

-What is Tony’s take on Omega 3s? It’s good for fertilizer. That’s it. Body uses saturated fat and Omega 6s.

-Peter asks how to use bloodroot for internal use. Tony uses other methods like copper chloride. The downsides of bloodroot.

-Sarah has a staph infection on her face and groin. Has tried vinegar, salt, iodine solution and also turpentine. What is she eating?

-Amy wants to know how to kill bacteria in the sinuses? Put iodine, essential oils in a humidifier. Can add eucalyptus, camphor, pine, cedar, thyme. Is she still eating grains and breads?

-Bob has brownish semen fluid. Could be nanos shredding the testicles. Try sodium thiosulfate, garlic with salt, garlic citrate mixture. Male problems problem other than testosterone.

-Ben asks how to emulsify turpentine and essential oils into a bath for removing nanos so it doesn’t sit on top and dry the skin. Stir it up, don’t worry about skin drying.

-Why mix ascorbic acid with bicarbonate of soda? Makes sodium ascorbate, a buffered Vitamin C. Helps knock our viruses, but won’t help build HCl.....More

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