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Category: Alternative Health
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by independz
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January 18, 2018 05:08 PM PST

a connection to nano an autoimmune and a University backing this up and the nano integration and that causal effect of the health issues-- citrulline --health food product that is supposed to help with NO and erections--causes RH or Rheumatoid Arthritis and nanoparticles trigger the effect of RH- and other autoimmune disorders-
Nanopollution~ foods that have it ~ sky~ processed foods-packaged--doing daily detoxing-worst nano is carbon and silica and we have been poisoned since 1960-gluten free is a farse-and they are adding the silica to all flour and cereals -
everyone planet wide consume bread and it is the weapon of choice to poison a population- everything is accumalative--minimize the highest amount of the nano contaminants in the foods-Vegans are loading with nano- Same with fruitarians ignorance is not a bliss
being smart and practical and what we e need ...More

January 16, 2018 04:33 PM PST

New Show Remedies for what we are dealing with the issues and why we are not recovering---chem flu what is it?looking at the weather --is that snow?unusual cold and the penetration of cold --is it because ot the metallic nano--Al gore with his dysinfo- the geoengineering---the increase of nano is causing high levels of genetic damage on life on the planet
the ones impacted are the elderly and compromised--this increases it's intensity if you are already afflicted with something--How to combat and be back up and running
You should be having an attitude if you are aware of what is going on--fortification zinc and copper at a higher dose then what they are telling you and there requirements are based on another era and environment--changes requires methods that may not have been utilized in the past because of the reality of the day---do not base anything on hearsay--we are dealing with a hierarchy that has no value for life and health and balance--AI running the Planet...More

January 11, 2018 07:39 PM PST

back on --delays in orders and going through trial by fire-email Questions--who is responsible --how moot this question is since you have no way of doing anything with this---
how far back this goes is to the 60's---what you can control on regard to your health there is where your focus should be--how o proceed with your personal agenda in regard the DNA and your Genetic code and Mitochondria---the obsoleteness of the health food industry
.... More!!!!!!!!!!

January 04, 2018 07:39 PM PST

BABIES what is required today to not just produce them but what is the development in the womb the need for selenium--why it is required why Males need it more why Mums or Mums to be should be preparing for babies long before the idea and the means to sustain while pregnant and the first 5 years after birth-- How understanding todays epigenetic attacks on the dna and genetic code-and mitochondria makes one be an expert in all facets of life sciences whether in school or not--once you understand the nature of the destructive forces we are faced today in the realm of life you then begin to look for better venues--I equate the health food industry to a prostitute--you see the flash and glitter and then get enticed to try out the wares and find out what a disappointment it is and it is all about illusion and shortcomings in these products---alot of them just do not work or are compromised...More

January 02, 2018 04:37 PM PST

we became infected and overloaded---history of the infections--chemtrails and there role in mutating the infections-the roles of immune break down and how this is accelerating the break down --More

December 31, 2017 02:22 AM PST

intro with concepts and changes are going to be needed in changes -medical fantasy and the illusions in regard to treatments that do not work-Vaccinations that have absolutely no bases in truth that they work and cause huge damage to the genetic codes -DNA disruptions -testament to vaccines that have been taken out by vaccines-epigenetic damage-home school children to protect them from the influences from the matrix--the dysfunctional terms of family values and what that means is that your family becomes the systems and you no longer have any influence over your own blood line...

December 23, 2017 08:54 PM PST

starting off with the singularity and AI and the control mechanism ongoing on people and the take over and how biblical history shows this has happened orrrr is it happening- time is not linear but a containment of events which can be happening and when reading things of history ot may not be history as we have been programmed to interpret but it could be in the here and now and we are reading these events as some script waiting to come to pass- how there is a need of an Anti Singularity Program---when you see the reference being made of 1 mind 1 language we are referring to a program a singularity program and they were building a tower to heaven -cern is that tower- and the human race along with mankind are becoming one -One world system introducing this concept of blockchain and access and storage of data through out different countries and the ability to entrench control ---real solutions is program developing an anti singularity program -this is the initial redemption and freedom of the inhabitants of the planet intiated by God to set people free of the singularity by creating language...more

December 17, 2017 09:13 PM PST

magnetic vortex something I have been working on it acted as a scrambler and after a few days the "dam" broke and there was a release from both ends-and at this level of delayering it hit at the deeper levels and it came out--NANO biology nano tech is a self assemblying self replicating selr repairing tech that assemble and follows it's program~ for this tech to do this is a program paradym that it follows or obeys--Male and female genitalia Hygiene-a new perspective in removeing toxins out of the genitalia the guys make a chamber with a coils and magnets to cause a pulse to create a disengagog of the nano metals --after 5-7 minutes will see a huge release of metal loads---for the women will make a douche solutions with the same components holding the solutions inside and then apply the triangle or other emf -pulse same amount of time and again 5-7 minutes and will see what is released -alot are saying there is a change in the flow of blood where it seems to be thicker to a goo like material-this can be an alleviation of the stress during the menstrual movement--the males may feel a itch or a movement in the sac ( balls) this will be the nano moving through and shredding the tubes--DE is a nano silica which will go through the colon and attach to the cells and skeletal system as well-disrupting the cellular communication-...More

December 11, 2017 08:18 PM PST

this is the last show on one radio due to taking on new enterprises and new programs
and will be doing potentially life stream events to have everyone inter actively doing things
silver disruptive effects of bacterials --the myth of silver not effect bacteria is ridiculous-feeding pets with yogurt and colustrum and msm
moderation on dealing with imbalances---pets dealing with nano ---solution with baking soda and TSP- dietary effects of the animals will make an impact on there immune system --farm supply getting clean supplements-use for your pets
answering phone calls---goitrogenic foods that could cause the issues ---eye solution-copper and niacinamide--iodine excess can cause a heart race and a simple solution off selenium and magnesium--More

December 09, 2017 11:07 PM PST

ME show did not make it so I did a show on here so I can continue on with the information--begins with chemtrails and how there is a validity to a point that they now wish to legislate there usage---the problem with the stratospheric aerosols that whatever you do to impact the weather on on area of the globe can have dire consequences on the other side---rain on one side could cause a drought or earth quakes on another--this is a catastrophic technology but for all the doubters when you see this report it is about now legislating this and regulating the effect ---if they never existed then policy could not be implemented for something that is fictional--or does not exist--and blowing off some of the stupid questions people ask on this topic---vaccines and the stupidity of individuals who actually are believing in the fairy tale of this--the conflict of a report in stating that a bacterium has had 30 years to evolve the capacity to grow wires and conduct electricity
the hubrous in this and how this is a throw off so no one looks at the current issue on what is and what can be done--copper and niacinamide formula ---or copper and nicotonic acid ---and final words of encouragement--and some more

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