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Category: Alternative Health
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by independz
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March 18, 2017 08:11 PM PDT

silica and the issue with genetic damage ~ NANO works in reverse that cause damage the smaller the more lethal- decades of uptake and translocation and how the foods have been polluted in the food supply how many auto immune dysfunctions have occurred as a result of these exposures ~ what if nanocontamination transferring into the placenta could it be a causal effect to the genetic damage to babies in autism or other disruptions genetically~ what is happening to the sperm what about the egg what is in them nano wise if it can translocate into the placenta what about our genetic core~ what is happening to the babies forming in the womb with nano exposure ?? things to make you think

March 18, 2017 07:33 PM PDT

sabotage in the health food industry...say it is not so!! nano silver being called colloidal~ aluminum titanium in your caps and silicon dioxide --nano and the wonderful components and there impact
3 new links on augmentinforce.com
endocrine system compromise of cadmium and to remove this with iodine ( lugols) and selenium~ there is something even more estrogenically dangerious then cadmium -n-butyltin -STS Sodium EDTA Sunflower and Egg Lecithin~pectin and charcoal to remove the nano ~ will assist ~ the reloading of the nano embedded in the crop where it is sprayed and the silver not even in a high level of exposure causes intrecellar level--

March 18, 2017 07:17 PM PDT

Is breast cancer really a cancer or.... when seeing illustration of breast cancer in the lymph looks more like a contained nano rather then cancer~ the saturation of the lymph as a result of the high density and congestion in the reproductive organs~ testicular compromise with nano silver and nano titanium and nano cadmium - 5.7 decades of nano exposure and 4.7 decades of being fed these particulates would be the causal effect of the health issues today due to accumalation and saturation and translocation~ chemtrail carrying aluminum cadmium titanium lithium and barium all estrogenic and genetically damaging~ cadmium can take 10- 30 years to clear the system-Phosphate materials being sprayed and can transport more of the cadmium into the farms- NANO Products were never tested ~ released and as a result the after effect of testing for toxicity --chromium and cadmium can activate estrogen receptor sites- Genetic Compromise from nano metals

March 04, 2017 07:32 PM PST

started out by wishing a comdolence to The Microeffect for a loss in there family-shitty proteins that causes deficits rather then fulfilling ~ how the health concepts have misguided the general population on selling the idea of feeling good and it will make you feel good but does really nothing more then compromising people~based on ideology and the new and improved BS that you really do not need and are being again sabotaging and misguiding people in both pharma and nutriceutical- perspective based on misguidance-nanoparticle fallout and nanobacteria fall out-how to eat or extract your veggies filter and then strain-grenn garden show in Toronto Ontario April 7-9 Fri-Sunday

February 27, 2017 08:11 PM PST

the Gov't of ontario's deceiving the general population with a bill to amend the --if you are of any culture or belief system then you can exempt on belief or concience~ gov't has changed the bill from 198 to 87
proteins get turned off when you vaccinate thereby you are left wide open for infection
the misconceptions of what these nano genetic materials do to the genetic code

February 18, 2017 07:57 PM PST

Antibiotics increase biofilm~ synthetics attract biofilm ~ the real causes of vaginal infections and male jock itch~ nano's contribution to biofilm-methods of reducing biofilm-things that should be considered to removing biofilm in the body inside and out-recipes for kids and adults that are a 2 minute fix~ chemtrails and there impact on biofilm in the environment-5 decades of loading nano and synthetics into the food supply would cause generational carry over of the same health conditions and the nano translocation would cause multidude of health compromises

February 11, 2017 07:34 PM PST

how would you like to be forced to be ill and to have this as a regulation~ Ontario Canada is in fact making legislation to mandate people to be sick~Fascism-Corporacy one and the same and how it is the rule of the land~Canadians need to be aware of the Ontarian take over by Corporacy( fascism) Vaccine Fallacy of effectiveness~ if anyone needs information on the legalities or the effects and Policy changes that would completely geneocided of indigenious and cultural and ethnic issues~ how we as a human species have been compromised and now being regulated to death-MARK OF THE BEAST???? Canada lose 12% of the population?? Govt in direct violations of Civil rights and access~ Discrimination and Subject to legal ramifications~ Ontario Violating religious freedoms-ideologies~ or life~ Passing laws without notification and due process in Ontario~ ruling class not even Human and Anti Human

February 04, 2017 07:40 PM PST

can issue from parents be transferred through genetics?--not necessarily genetic but similar behavioural patterns can be misconstrued as genetics when it is a repetitive by the next generation can appear to be genetic when i reality it is transferred behaviour~ Todays tranference is genetic and nano ~ incorporating nano in the 70's would have transferred in the seed and egg and into the next generation genome~ FDA threatened specific supplements that would protect the genetic code and the dna ~ how much should be using a day of vitamins ( especially c) and why you need to base your amounts of todays exposure to nanoparticles in teh air the thorium and strontium and plutonium and uranium~ not from fuo but from stockpiles that were burnt by the russians along the ukraine border-how nano particles cause excessive damage to the genetic codes and hw destructive nano cluster cause damage- compromised health food industry-- and how the sacred cows are not so sacred~ vertical garden for those predisposed to limited space

February 04, 2017 07:28 PM PST

how to go about buying stuff for heath and how your do diligence is required in reading the labels-Biofilm and how some supplements and medicants can increase biofilm~ how biofilm is actually magnified when antibiotics are ingested~ the biofilm and how it becomes increasing strong and almost impenetrable and how when nano tech with different synthetics produces a multiple strain of biofilm that increase the volume and can be utilized by nanotech - text books being re written --the mandela effect ~ carbon base BS and protein succeeds and carbon causes detrimental damage-if carbon was by nature what we are then all the carbon being consumed should augment not be a detriment-the genetic damage over 5 decades and how the d e evolving humanity~ the new and improved +humanoid"not human and how this will be replacing the older models~ and the harvesting of genetics from woman and how the impressing woman to surrender there genetic codes through abortions~ vaccines creating transgenderism and the genetics and nano also causing this impact on the genome -- free vaccine mean an adulterate experiment being injected in the general population-shutting down the proteins that triggered the immune system-as a result after 5 decades the autoimmune disorders are a direct result of this exploitation

January 28, 2017 07:35 PM PST

experimenting with genetics of dead bodies-new life forms, Are they!!? or are they anomaloes out of a lab and human genomes are where they are stemming from!!! Does AI need transmission lines? or is skynet is actually a transmitter as a result of chemtrail particles which are nano and synthetic conductors such as nanocarbon( graphene) baby dies 3 days after vaccine-was this genetic mining? 2030 the year humanity is linked directly to AI and programming and doing bassed on the cloud--the cloud being saturated chemtrails which would have a terrabyte of data on particle and will have quadrillions of particles which would allow AI to walk the planet!!!

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