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Category: Alternative Health
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by independz
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July 22, 2017 09:04 PM PDT

Thoughts--are they yours and are you in control of those thoughts of various modes- tinnitus is it real or is it a deception-possibly nothing wrong with your hearing but hearing antennae arrays or tower arrays - back in the 60s the antennaes went up for am and fm and people then were getting the same thing then after the antennae arrays went up- every decade there were changes with tech health issues either followed or fabricated to cover up what is going on- securing home with copper or lead ... more

July 22, 2017 08:43 PM PDT

there is a delay but the show does come on -- New Links on augmentinforce.com --nanotransformation-- and may and june shows--one bit of data in the nanotransformation is research on DE or nanosilca that has never been actually tested and was just given a gras rating ~ and when it was being tested for livestock -they stopped it and what the did find was genetic damage - cellular noncommunication and sht down and attacks the bones causing severe autoimmune response ~ alot of the end results came about 10 years later with all kinds of autoimmune -fibro-restless leg- cancer
to draw this out will rquire a strong binder or chelator~ it can translocate due to the nano scale--there is absolutely no way it can be broken down in yourself--the only way to break it down is with silic acids --which you do not produce and if you took it could burn a hole in you-phosphoric acid- when you see how it access the cells and forms networks- YOUtube Patrick Roddie validating what is being said on nano an the impact carbon nanotubes=- it is a global activity--and more

July 15, 2017 08:50 PM PDT

value of Acetic acid- mycobacterium tuberculosis and the impact the different types of cancer and the rate of clearance- diabetic sores restored to normal-a ways and means to use things and to explore the uses and usage and amounts---More

July 15, 2017 08:41 PM PDT

Acidic parts of the body and the imbalance on a theme on alkaline /acid- End result of the inacurracy or tilting the truth to a point you shut off the balance--access to acid-Vinegar and not necessary the apple cider and the impact f white vinegar as a anti cancer -anti tuberculosis -anti ulcer impact- potent healer of sores for diabetes-zinc and manganese regulate the insulin-end result of the diabetes is a compromised pancreas--correct the diet and use things to fix the damage in the pancreas- 1960 nanosilica introduced to the foods- grains - auto immune and a 5 decade infiltration in the body
and More

July 13, 2017 04:25 PM PDT

-Best light is a full spectrum non-heating lamp sold in pet stores for reptiles.

-Julie asks about voice problems after a sinus infection. Take 1 tsp vinegar in water with added and honey. Also Lugol’s iodine, 10 drops in water 3x/day.

Tony’s favorite aromatherapy book is “The Practice of Aromatherapy: A Classic Compendium of Plant Medicines and Their Healing Properties” by Jean Valnet and Robert Tisserand. Thyme essential oil recommended for respiratory issues.

D asks about Tony’s favorite applications for frankincense essential oil? Tony uses essential oils of thyme, birch, winter green, savory, sage, cedar.

-Tony shares what body systems we need to protect as the key to health in today’s world.

Debbie asks: What is best food to get potassium from? Bananas are not a good source unless you’re eating them black. Kiwi, potato, and avocado are good sources. Best potassium supplement is citrate or chloride forms.

-Carol’s dog developed mange after feeding it the highest costing grain-free dry dog food. Dogs are carnivores and need meat. Don’t feed dogs and cats a dry food. Give minerals, saturated fats, aloe, lard. Sulfur and MSM helps hair. Patrick recommends raw chicken wings.

-John is looking for zinc and selenium supplements. Been taking Blue Bonnet zinc picolinate and NOW brand selenium, which has stearic acid in it. Magnesium stearate doesn’t cause problems by itself. Stearic acid converts to oleic acid, which supports the heart.

-For supplements, go to Peak Nutrition and buy in bulk. Buy measuring spoons.

-Using essential oils for parasites. See Hulda Clark’s New Concept Report. Essential oils must have a carrier.

-Juan’s friend developed a skin blister from atomic iodine diluted in an aloe-based lotion. Back off, allow the skin to heal, dilute the iodine more.

-Zinc and manganese supports mitochondria.

-Most dosing recommendations are inadequate. Tony likes 5 or more a day dosing for healing a condition.

-Benefits of applying topical zinc. Most effective way to repair and replace wrinkles and remove brown spots? Brown spots are liver or glycation. Make a poultice of citric acid, ascorbic acid, or MSM, or mix with alcohol and spray. Change the diet, no grains or pseudo-grains.

Wrinkles develop from lack of copper. Take a zinc/copper combo with copper, 1 tsp chlorophyll, 30 mg of zinc, several times a day.

July 13, 2017 03:57 PM PDT

-Italians rise up against proposed mandatory vaccination protocol. Italy says they will take away your children if you refuse vaccinations.

-In Canada, can object to vaccinations on the basis of conscience, health, and religious freedom.

-California declared GMOs to be carcinogenic.

-Giving Vitamin B2 or black pepper to dogs for flea prevention. Changes the body’s scent.

-The cheapest detox is oral Epsom salts, with magnesium and sulfur. Adding boron magnifies the effect of magnesium 13x. Sulfur works in the liver because it eventually converts to glutathione.

-How does sulfur affect the integrity of the gut? the brain? How much to take?

-Why does silicon dioxide keep sulfur and other therapies from working? Silicon dioxide introduced to food in 1960.

-France has same mandatory vaccine requirement as Italy starting in January 2018.

-Vaccines is about the mutating of the human race via the nano components. Any vaccine with an animal component is integrating animal code into the human genome. Ultimate effect of shutting down the immune system. Vaccines have never been double-blind tested. The rate of target diseases were declining but rose up after vaccination was introduced.

-Women are particularly susceptible to aluminum because it creates metalloestrogen. To detox, take 1 tsp borax and 1 tsp. epsom salts in 17-20 oz. of water and sip throughout the day.

-Statins are lethal drugs.

-Misdiagnosing conditions as Lyme disease when it’s really nanoparticle and chemtrail poisoning.

-To get aluminum out of the brain, take sulfur with sodium EDTA, or oleic acid.

-if you disrupt the acid in the body, you become dysfunctional. 4 critical acids in the body.

-Oleic acid restores myelin around the cells, good for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, conditions in which the myelin in the brain is going. Combine with saturated fat, wheat germ oil.

-White vinegar is good for tuberculosis, skin cancers.

July 09, 2017 09:43 PM PDT

acids -oleic acids-myelin sheath repair-protein usage-Protectant of cells- brain-immune support against tumours--Silver flawed studies that were done earlier in coparing the dfferent types of silver for lethality -comparisons was types of ionic with nano which at the early levels of the research had shown that nano was lethal but not as much as a silver nitrate or chloride or acetate which would have carries the silver more readily and more bioavailabe due to either nitric oxide -salt or ascetic acid to get into the tissues if they went head to head as just an ionic silver then the research would not have been so lopsided buttt after 20 years when they looked at the nanosilver and seen how environmentally toxic and dangerous it is they then showed the nano was more lethal ---this is an example how to see flawed studies to sell products or to jade an opinion- White Vinegar heals cancers tumours Mycobacteria-treats diabetics wound and causes them to heal when nothing else will-cheap easy it is also tubercidal stops tuberculosis--suggested to take with iodine --more

July 02, 2017 12:15 PM PDT

Whole foods being bought by amazon( initially was the cia now amazon) weaponization of food in the guise of organics--lymphomas and how easy it is to clear the obstructions in the lymphatic system--diiferent solutions for different ailments
Soap for the liver ...more

June 26, 2017 12:58 AM PDT

remembering what we need to remember in regard to current and past things that is targetting our genetic code-Organic Fantasy~land contamination causes corruption of what is being attempted to grow-Trace metal toxicolgy~safe levels and at what levels and nano being toxic~ Plants uptake toxins or contamination from what ever is in the environment~ and Air Pollutants also cause toxicology and screws the genetics~ certification does not mean safe or healthy-protect yourself from genetic damage- selenium and iodine~the fallacy of the cow and what the cow actually does in benefiting the land~ the Misuse and misdirect of Zeolite- true story of nanopoisoning from silver I called SS...and more

June 05, 2017 01:14 PM PDT


show on Nano Silica -titanium dioxide Nano Silver Cadmium How this literally shreds the testicular Integrity of Men ~ chemical castration~ Silicon Dioxide the lethality on dna and cellular dysfunction and mis communication and disorientation of life forces that has been duped into the health food industry~ perpetrating the health wonders when it is completely the opposite -BS beyond belief...Sexual destruction of Men and Women and the lethality of chemtrails and the spraying of nano materials as a sfety when in fact it causes most of the current health issues we are facing since the 60's


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